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Core Values

Transformation - All peoples were created in the image of God and, therefore, have the capacity to reason, purpose, will, and make change that results in hope and health for themselves and those around them.

- All peoples are designed with unique and distinguishing characteristics and strengths that enhance creation as a whole.  These unique qualities should be respected, valued and utilized when addressing individual and social issues.

Sustainability - While outsiders may have information and resource to catalyze change within a society, hope and sustained health must be developed by reproducible and sustainable methods that can be lived out by indigenous peoples.

Capacity-Building - Therefore, our vision is to educate, equip, catalyze and increase the capacity of the Sierra Leonean people so that they own not only the resources, but also the responsibility for developing and implementing the vision.

Modeling - We can only encourage others to live up to the standards by which we ourselves are willing to live.  Therefore, our actions and behaviors in Sierra Leone, both public and private, should be determined by a commitment to highly moral, ethical, healthy and responsible standards.

Indigenous - We do not view our own culture as superior nor a model to which other cultures should conform.  We offer ideas that can be translated by the Sierra Leonean into indigenous expression and implementation.

Equality - We are learners who have much to gain from listening, observing and adapting. We are not superior to others.  We value all human life and respect all persons.  Thus, we will not cater to a particular people or class of people as if superiority or inferiority exist.
Collaborative - True collaboration is the last frontier.  Therefore, as symbiotic partners, we desire to be self-facilitating while also assisting other partners in accomplishing their goals.  The success of the whole is dependent upon the success of each partner.

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